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Since Annina Boger had scrawled her first letters as a small girl, paper and writing materials have become her loyal companions. In every situation, they were already waiting in her handbag to put her thoughts and ideas on paper.


Like the passionate painter brings his inspirations and dispositions to life on the canvas, Annina Boger gives life to her imagination by creating new stories and figures. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, and mixed with a pinch of sensuousness, her works reach a broad spectrum of interests.


You can choose between various short stories, charming romance novels and enchanting illustrated fairy tales (The Fisherman's Dream in English) for children and adults, up to now most of them available in digital form.

The various ebooks can be bought in most online book shops: Amazon worldwide and many others. They are also ideal to bridge waiting periods.


Ebooks by Annina Boger in English

The Fisherman's Dream: Illustrated Fairy Tale

A lovingly illustrated fairy tale for children over 6 years

A lonesome young fisherman slips at the riverside and loses his consciousness. Lying at the shore, an enchanting water world discloses to him.

There he gets to know the water princess who sometimes sings melancholic songs. He wonders why, and finds out, that she has a secret. Soon they become close friends and together, they explore the whole water empire.

One night, by the goblins area, the princess discovers something that she has missed for many years. On the following morning, the fisherman awakes at the riverside with a stone in his hand that is shining in all colours of the water world. What has occurred?

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The Fisherman's Dream

Many hundred years ago, a young, jolly fisherman lived nearby a river. Every day, he caught just as many fish as he needed for himself to have a pleasant living.

He had a nice time, especially while fishing, because he liked to observe the water which flowed once quietly, once stormily, to join the wide stream downwards.

In his eyes, his family was made of the small and big creatures in the river and on the shore. And the plants and shrubs growing around him were his friends. The young man enjoyed looking up in the sky, often laughing about the clouds that sailed along it. They formed such amusing figures that it looked as if they would be hunting each other.

Best, however, he liked to watch the birds fluttering above him in the wind. And every year, in autumn, when they flew southwards, he missed their cheerful twittering and could hardly wait for spring, when they would finally come back and nature would reach again its full glory.

E-Book | childrens eBook | childrens books over 6 years
The Fisherman's Dream - Illustrated Fairy Tale © by Annina Boger

A few years passed like this. But slowly, the once so happy and cheerful guy became quieter and quieter. Although, actually, nothing had changed in his life, the fisherman was beginning to get a feeling of discontent. It confused him.

He considered: It is so peaceful here, and I am in such good health and have no worries. And yet, I lack something. But what could it be?

More and more, the things he cared so much about became irrelevant. He forgot to watch the clouds in the sky and only looked up when it started to rain. Even the lively twittering of the birds, which once so delighted him, became a nuisance, and when autumn came and they were about to go southwards, he was rather feeling relieved than sad. He just looked at them flying away and grumbled:

“Such a clamour! It’s about time that they move away. Finally, I will be in peace.”


* * *


Early next morning, thick fog laid about the riverbed. Yawning and stretching, the fisherman wiped the sleep out of his eyes and stepped into the water to cast out his fishing rod. Suddenly, he slipped in the humid grass and fell hard on the ground. As a result, he hit his head so violently on a stone, that he became unconscious and instantly fell into a deep sleep.

E-Book | childrens eBook | childrens books over 6 years
The Fisherman's Dream - Illustrated Fairy Tale © by Annina Boger

Then, something odd happened. The stone block was pushed aside by the impact. In front of the sleeping fisherman a mysterious, fantastic water scenery opened. Amazed he looked at the surroundings.

Sparkling stones in all colours of the water world flashed in front of him. On islands of leafs, there towered entwined plants with huge blossoms. Some of them grew as big as trees. The fisherman had to lean his head right back as much as he could in order to be able to look at the top of those giant plants.

Suddenly, a shimmering beam of light blinded him so impertinently, that he had to close his eyes. When he opened the eyelids a little and squinted through them, he discovered a luminous scarlet calyx a few metres away from him. He swam closer towards it. What might be hidden in it?


E-Book | childrens eBook | childrens books over 6 years
The Fisherman's Dream - Illustrated Fairy Tale © by Annina Boger


Please find this fairy tale, written by Annina Boger, as an e-book lovingly illustrated in the following languages on Amazon-stores: German, French, Spanish and English.


"The Fisherman's Dream: illustrated Fairy Tale"

"Le Rêve Du Jeune Pêcheur: Conte illustré"

"El Sueño del joven Pescador: Cuento ilustrado”

"Des Fischers Traum: illustriertes Märchen"



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